Gentleman of the Junta


JUNTA is a political thriller about Argentina’s military dictatorship in the seventies. A group of naval officers hold Maria’s family hostage to arrest political enemies. The story tells two sides. The men dedicated to uphold their code of honour and obey their superiors against a mother’s courage and sacrifice. Time and justice do not heal all wounds, but evil systems crumble in the end.


Dirty Laundry

Upper class north London, what goes on behind closed doors? Who gets to wash the dirty laundry? Behind three well-presented houses we reveal three families. It’s a story of abuse, sex, drugs and deceit. A game of power and status with in the household. What happens when those washing the dirty laundry know more than expected? Tables are turned as the truth is revealed and so the real games begins. When truths are revealed, you never know who might use it to their own filthy advantage.